uncaught exception during compilation: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

Hi All,

We have been using Gatling for a while to record and play simulations to load test our Web app. While executing certain simulations we get the following Compilation error in zinc compiler. We are using an older version of Gatling - 2.0.1.

I tried breaking to multiple chains, as well as increasing the jvmArgs value in gatling.conf assuming it is a stack size issue. How ever that did not have any impact. The error remains the same.

If I comment out some of the Http requests, it appears to compile fine. I could not find any other posts about this issue… Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

I have pasted the console output here.

I got full stack trace of the Exception by compiling the simulation from SBT console.

I was able to solve the problem by creating a couple of scala objects and move few of the chains to those objects.

You most likely have a chain that’s way too long, resulting in a method (actually, the constructor) that causes the compiler to choke.