Understanding repeat with multiple users using keep-alive


I have a question regarding multiple users repeating a scenario with connection keep-alive.

In my scenario I want to simulate 100 users at once for instance. Each of the users is sending the same GET call to my service under test.
The GET request is repeated 100 times, so i get 10000 requests overall.

My question is now how connection keep-alive works in this scenario?
Does every user create one connection and sends 100 requests over this connection or does ever user create a new connection for the next GET request in my repeating scenario?
My goal is that every user creates one connection and sends their 100 requests over that connection. So that every user only creates one connection, but this connection should be kept-alive.

Thanks for clarifying!

Keep-alive is enabled by default.
By default, each virtual user has its own connection pool.

Yes, I got that.

The question is how many connections 1 virtual user opens when I use repeat in a scenario.
So the question is, if 1 user repeats one GET request, does the user then open new connections for each GET request or is the first established Keep-Alive connection used for consecutive requests?