User performing scenario multiple times.

Hi there,

I have a query regarding load modelling in Gatling:

I have a scenario named AUserGrp defined as:

val AUserGrp=scenario(“AUserGrp”)

And I’m setting up this scenario as:

setUp(AUserGrp.inject(rampUsers(8) over (4000 seconds))).protocols(httpProtocol)

Now, I want to understand that whether a single user (among the 8 users created in above statement) will perform the AUserGrp scenario 4 times (as I’ve used repeat(4) in the scenario) OR there will be some other distribution of load.

My Aim here is make a single user perform a scenario multiple times. So, am I on right track??


You will have 32 executions, 4 per each user.

Ok…Thanks for your help @Ignacio