Using Gatling for JMS with MQ endpoint with SSL enabled

I’m working in an Enterprise using Gatling 2.3 to performance test various Microservices and need to configure the script to use an SSL enabled MQ node. Colleagues have attempted to configure the scripts with JMS properties to talk to the endpoint via SSL but without success. The searching I’ve done so far has not returned anything about configuring Gatling for SSL enabled MQ JMS connectivity. So I am wondering if this is even possible. If so, can anyone point me to some documentation bout what is required?

First thing, you’re using a super old Gatling version. Gatling 2 has reached end-of-life more than 1 year ago, meaning no support and no new features.
The latest version is 3.3.1.

As you can see in the documentation, you have 2 options for passing a ConnectionFactory: either directly, or resolving it with JNDI.
In short, as long as you know how to code and configure a JMS client for IBM MQ, you can plug it onto Gatling.

Regarding “how to code and configure a JMS client for IBM MQ”, IMHO, you’ll have more chances searching the MQ documentation and forums, or better, asking the IBM support you’re paying.