Gatling JMS with IBM sing JNDI file connection

I am using the gatling 2.3.0 version for jms loadtesting against IBM MQ and using JNDI file binding method.

i am able to connect and send the XML message to ibm mq queue but somehow original message was appended with extra tags like etc .
these tags are appended at the start of the message.

Objective here to send the original message only without extra tags, Is there a way to achieve this in gatling?

val jmsConfigMQ1 = connectionFactoryName(DEFAULT_QCF_NAME_MQ_HOST_1)

val scnID = scenario("Load testing).during(1 hour) {

setUp(scnID.inject(rampUsers(40) over(1 seconds))

Those are added by the IBM MQ java driver, not by Gatling.
I recommend you reach out for your IBM support and real MQ experts.