Custom TCP Socket Protocol's Response for Check API

Hi all,

I’m a Gatling noob but with some scala experience.

I need to implement a custom protocol that sends a magic string message over TCP.

I think I understand how to create the necessary Action Actors to send my message. But I’m not sure how to handle the response so that I can Check it with the Check API.

To make it clear I want to send my message then check that I get a response within an allowed time, if I get it then I want make sure it contains certain info (eg message id or checksum).
Incidentally if I don’t receive within the timeout I may need my protocol to retry or do something else.

hope that was clear :slight_smile:

So advice is appreciated, do I simply handle the socket response in my protocol actor and add details to the Session? Do I need to implement my own fluid API methods on my protocol for the checks (eg like the http status checks) or is this part of the framework?

please help with guidance and Best practice advice.



Hi there,

You can either: