Wait between steps

Hello. I have different steps that work if I add a delay between them but don’t without the delays. Obviously adding a delay is too naive of an approach. Basically, I have a mix of http requests and socket messages with checks which store data in the gatling session so they should happen sequentially.

The code looks like this:

exec( startSession, // http request which stores the user in the gatling session pause(2 seconds), setup, // opens socket pause(2 seconds), activation, // a socket message which uses the stored user and creates a game session which is stored in its check pause(2 seconds), repeat(count) { exec( gameAction, // different game actions which need the game session to work pause(wait) ) }, pause(2 seconds), teardown, // closes socket pause(2 seconds) )

Thanks in advance!

socket messages

If you’re talking about raw TCP messages, Gatling doesn’t have support for TCP.