(2.0.0-M3a) How pause work in this version ?


I use Gatling version 2.0.0-M3a and have some trouble with set up pause between requests.

I have scenario like this:

do some stuff
.pause(1500 milliseconds)
do some other stuff

But I see in server logs that time before second request wasn’t 1.5 sec, as I want it. Log doesn’t show milliseconds, but both requests was received on 19:04:09, for example.
How I can properly set up a pause between 2 requests ?


That’s the proper way.
Many things could happen between your Gatling client and you server.
For example, if “do some stuff” is your first request for this host, it will have to establish the connection, while if “do some other stuff” targets the same host and use keep-alive, it will just reuse it.

Enable debug logging in logback.xml in order to find out when those requests were sent from the client perspective.