Want to remove the variable from the array in the loop

I have this scenario

.exec(http("get the print package to unlink")
  // .headers(headers_0)
  // .check(jsonPath("$..name[?(@.editorialComplete==false)]").find.saveAs("page")))
  .check(jsonPath("$..shapes[?(@.state=='UNUSED'&& @.assetId==null)].contentPath").findAll.saveAs("plist")))
.exec { session =>
  val plist = session.get("plist").asOption[String]
  println("EMNGMJGHk  " + plist.getOrElse("NOT AVAILABLE"))
   .foreach("${plist}","newshole") {
     exec(session => {
       val newshole = session("newshole").asOption[String]
       session.set("contentPath", newshole)

Now i want to POST on each value of 'newshole' and then remove the one i send POST request on from the list and run the loop again for the remaining values.

please i need help ASAP !!! it is very urgent

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it is all good if you cannot post the solution at the moment, as the support cost is too much for an individual like me :slight_smile: