How to test a homepage

Hello I am new here:)

I am using Gatling 3.7.6 with IntelliJ/Scala/Maven.

I’ve done 2 very good tutorials on YouTube and read as much as I can on google but I’m struggling to verify if the way I am testing a homepage is correct.

Is it as simple as just using the baseUrl in the http config or do I need to add all the network requests that are happening in the background? When I create a HAR and import this into Gatling Recorder it will show me many requests in the code.

Thank you very much


Understand there may be a reason why I didn’t get a reply, if anyone could at least point me in some direction to try and figure this out it would be great.


I’ve done 2 very good tutorials on YouTube and read as much as I can on google

Have you tried learning from official sources instead of third party material that might not be accurate or up-to-date?

Are those extra HTTP requests really meaningful wrt load testing your server? If they are static resources served from a CDN or cache, they’re not.

If they are, Gatling can try inferring them (see Gatling - HTTP Protocol) BUT this is not perfect and can only infer resources embedded in the HTML payload. It doesn’t work when requests are triggered by JavaScript or JavaScript updating the HTML DOM. Gatling is not a browser. In this case, you have to specify them.

In short: you need to learn what HTTP traffic your client side application generates.

Ok thank you for that. I guess I haven’t tried learning from the official sources yet.

I really need to learn the basics of performance testing and what resources I need to test. It’s a little difficult when you do not have a dedicated performance tester in ones company but I’m going to stick at it nevertheless!

Thank you.