WebSocket message not fully read

Hey everyone,

I’m using Gatling to test an ASP.Net Core SignalR WebSocket API. For some reason long messages get truncated at a random position:


“type”: 1,
“target”: “JobStatus”,
“arguments”: [
“id”: “0fd645e9-4459-487d-86d1-9f4884203866”,
“status”: “Finished”,
“type”: “AdHoc”,
“creationDate”: “2018-12-10T15:02:40.2481534+00:00”,
“jobStarted”: null,
“workerProcessingStarted”: “2018-12-10T15:02:46.3028258+00:00”,
“lastWorkerResultReceived”: “2018-12-10T15:02:47.0925894+00:00”,
“files”: […],
“tasks”: [
“id”: “fc84c396-7f70-4513-93d3-e9fcba2b3e87”,
“jobId”: “0fd645e9-4459-487d-86d1-9f4884203866”,
“creationDate”: “2018-12-10T15:02:46.2131898+00:00”,
“actionType”: null,
“request”: {

“response”: {

“taskId”: “fc84c396-7f70-4513-93d3-e9fcba2b3e87”,
“jobId”: “0fd645e9-4459-487d-86d1-9f4884203866”,
“clientId”: “DummyClientId”,
“pipeline”: “”,


(message is truncated at "type )

This might be due to a delimiter added to each message by SignalR (\u001e). The SignalR client and server are reading until they reach the delimiter. I guess Gatling doesn’t?

Maybe someone can help here :slight_smile:

Kind Regards