Problem with WS migration Gatling 3.0.3


I have a problem with migration simulation containing Web Socket. The Gatling version 2.3.1 has a ‘wsListen’ and ‘wsAwait’ which allows reading the stream of messages from web socket. How to read a message from the web socket in Gatling 3.0 without sending a message?

After migration to 3.0, I’m using such code:


ws("Sent Rubbish")
  .await(5 seconds)(readRubishErrorResponseCheck, readMessageCheck)


This works, but each time when I send rubbish I, have to deal with an error response first. Also, it is not efficient and for sure not the best solution for performance testing.

Is there another way to solve this problem? What was the reason to remove it from the new version? How can I read a message from the web socket without sending a message?

I take a brief look at the internals, and I think it could be possible to implement it. The API could look like this:

ws(“Read Message”)
.await(5 seconds)(readMessageCheck)


Do you have the plan to implement something similar?