Whats the best way to create a script, recording via Proxy / HAR file / Manually scripting the code

I am currently working for a Gatling POC for an Airline application. Its a lengthy flow where in a user navigates from Flight Search > Flight Selection > Seat Selection > Ancillaries > Hotel selection and Payment.

For such a lengthy flow, what’s the mode of scripting you recommend. Please note we need to correlate and Parameterize using feeders as well.
awaiting your response.

Hello @Santhosh888,

Did you watch our Gatling Academy?

For first steps, I usually use the recorder to generate most of the code, then refactor it to be as reusable as possible, then introduce my feeders.

Does that helps?


Thanks Sebastian for the response.
I have gone through the Gatling Academy and completed the course as well.