Alternative Recording

There have been a number of posts around recording and proxy issues. There is an alternative recorder which Stephane pointed out to me.

Go to the developer tools in Chrome, click the Network tab and clear the network activity. Tick ‘preserve log’ and ‘disable cache’. Navigate your use case, right click and “Save with Har Content”.

In the Gatling recorder, change the recorder mode to Har converter and browse and import the saved HAR file (you may want to filter on static resources (there may be a way to filter on the HAR recorder)). This will convert the HAR file to a Gatling script.


It’s all in the doc :slight_smile:


Bit of an old post, thought I’d chip in.

I tend to use a combination of chrome dev tools to generate the .har and open and edit this in Charles before running the gatling recorder on it to generate the simulation.

Oh, so you can import an HAR file into Charles? Didn’t know, thanks for sharing!

Yes, I find it easier for manually filtering out static content (I know you can also do this in as well as interrogating response bodies and such

…and I’ve also used Charles to generate a session from an iOS device, exported this from Charles as a HAR and then generated a gatling scenario from that.

When recording HAR from Charles, don’t forget to remove the CONNECT requests over HTTPS.