when I feed csv file ,It has a error say"not found value,How can I do?

I write a login script through using account.csv
the account csv like this

and I feed this account.csv in script

you can see the username and password is red , then I run the simulation , the error say not found value username ,
I don’t know how to fix the problem , help me please,
the account.csv is in resources folder



By default, IntelliJ will automatically prepend your String with an s as soon as you start typing ${ because it thinks you want to use Scala’s String interpolation. You need to remove this s to use Gatling EL.

slandelle - In the screenshot I did not find extra s.
but I can see as ${userName}


Superb observation :slight_smile:

Thank you ,I fixed it through change the asJSON method to stripMargin like it and I still need delete the ‘s’
then it work