which is the "official" github repo for jenkins gatling plugin?

Is it this one?


That one doesn’t have an “Issues” page, and says its a fork of this one:


But the former has been updated more recently.

The official repo is the one on jenkinci, because this one is “scanned” by Jenkins which make new releases available in the Update Center and is also linked to the Jenkins Wiki (version, committers…).

However, all issues are kept on excilys/gatling : easier to manage :wink:



I don’t even know how we could activate the issue tracker for jenkinsci/gatling-plugin.
We had to go their to be able to deploy, but we sure lost some freedom…

Cool, thanks.

Looks like I don’t have admin rights while Pierre does…
However, let keep everything in the same place.

No problem! Might be nice to add that info to the README in the two repos though, so it’s clear where you’d like to steer people.

Good idea, will do.