Why gatling open source Jenkins plugin is not maintained

Why Gatling open source jenkins plugin is not maintained. it was last updated 4 years ago !
It may have some security vulnerabilities ! it may be risk to jenkins ecosystem with in organization !
Is there any other way to download the gatling report in jenkins without using this plugin !


Appreciate your post, but we do have rules on this community regarding politeness. If there are any security vulnerabilities we would be happy to address any if they are reported, at this point we have not had any. If you have any to report please don’t hesitate to update me.

In terms of development, we are prioritizing the Enterprise version of the Jenkins plugin for new features.

Finally, Gatling is an Open-Source project. It may be possible to implement another way for you to download Gatling reports into Jenkins, however, we the main listed one we have is the Jenkins plugin which is being widely used as is without many concerns.

Hope that helps,

Thank you for the Answer !

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