Why does Gatling skip a call in my scenario with "Skipping cached request"?

I have a scenario with different calls that are depending on each other.
I am consistently getting the following on an important call, the result is that the scenario fails as this call fetches and stores in the session a value that is needed for the call that comes after.

15:06:40.086 [GatlingSystem-akka.actor.default-dispatcher-6] INFO io.gatling.http.engine.tx.HttpTxExecutor - Skipping cached request=Search assets list uri=https://url.com/api/url: scenario=Test, userId=1

Why is it happening?

Its important to note that I have another call with the same URL that occurs before this one in the scenario, the difference between them is the JSON body. (Both are POST)

My2cents: you have a cache-Control or a Expires header in the response of your first request.