Why is Gatling runner missing a .jar for jackson-module-scala ?

When I download Gatling and open the libs folder, I do not see a .jar file for jackson-module-scala .

Why is it missing? Since the .jar is missing, it prevents me from importing the Jackson ObjectMapper, like so:

import com.fasterxml.jackson.module.scala.DefaultScalaModule

val mapper = new ObjectMapper().registerModule(DefaultScalaModule)

Is there an alternate way to accomplish this? I need this so my Gatling test can read a JSON file as input. Seems like a basic thing that most people would need right?

case class SrcJson(authKey: String, member: Any) {
  val memberAsString = mapper.writeValueAsString(member)

Why should we ship a library we don’t use? If you want this jar, you’ll have to add it yourself on your side.