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You should have Java 6+ installed.

Then, download the zip from here :, unzip and launch gatling.bat or recorder.bat in the bin folder.


Thanks Nicolas, I had java7 installed. This has now been removed and replaced by Java6.

What should the GATLING_HOME environment variable be set as?

At the moment I have it set to either the gatling dir or the java dir.

Both seem wrong?


The bat script should work as is, without forcing GATLING_HOME.

Its stating at the moment:

The GATLING_HOME environnement variable points to the wrong directory.
Please set it to the correct folder and try to launch Gatling again.
Press any key to continue . . .

Where did you unzip the bundle? The path mustn’t contain spaces, such as the dreaded “Program File”.

It was unzipped to C:\Users\joe.early\Downloads\gatling-charts-highcharts-1.4.1\bin


I can’t find a better description for this than Windows WTF?!

  • I grabbed a freshly installed Windows 7
  • I unzipped
  • I launched gatling.bat by double clicking it
  • I reproduced your error
  • I debugged and saw that the cd command returned C:\Users instead of the directory that contained the script
  • I launched cmd manually, cd/moved to the directory, launched gatling.bat and everything ran fine
  • Now, I can no longer reproduce, even I launch the script directly.
    @Joe could you try this procedure

@Anyone: Any idea about what happens?



I was able to get it going but only on a clean Vm

  • I grabbed a freshly installed Windows 7
  • I unzipped
  • I launched gatling.bat by double clicking it
  • Got the expected message for picking a sec. Option 1 or 2.
  • Wa able to use recoreder.barta s well.
    however on the normal desktop, its still the same,

I looked in the normal Environment Variables window but could not find GATLING_HOME listed. Where is this set at and I will set it manually

Could you run the console, browse to the bin directory and launch the bat file manually?

I got it running :slight_smile:

I removed all things related to Gatling, downloaded a fresh one from the site and ran on the “broken” machine.

Now getting the normal

GATLING_HOME is set to “C:\gatling-charts-highcharts-1.4.3”
Choose a simulation number:
[0] advanced.AdvancedExampleSimulation
[1] basic.BasicExampleSimulation

both bat files work, recorder starts no problem.

Now, onto the actual task I wish to perform with this tool. We have a Sliverlight page which hooks into various web services calling various database and one file sever which stores small 15min/1min chucks of video. We need to load test these, anything specific I should be aware off. I was just going to hit the URL directly using the recording and tweak the code if needs be,

Good news.

I’m not familiar with Silverlight, but I guess the recorder should do most of the job.
You might have to: