Writing custom metrics to simulation.log

I am measuring round trip times for an app between one user writing a doc, to the another user seeing the doc on a longpoll feed.

I want to write this round trip time to the simulation.log so that it appears in the chart.

I have been looking for a DSL command to write a custom metric but so far I can’t find anything.

Is there a DSL command, or is there an example of how to write custom data to the simulation.log via scala?


Tricky. You’d have to write a custom Action and send the metric (of request type) to DataWriters.


Beware: this code is going under major refactoring in Gatling 2.2.

Hi Andy,
Were you able to do it? I am actually trying to do the same. I can get the end-to-end time, but wanted to report it in Gatling chart, which I dont know how to do.