Writing JDBC query return to CSV

Hi, I have a concern about the JDBC query return to be written in CSV, apparently this guy asked once but without clear solution :slight_smile:

So I want to give this a try, I would like to know which type of variable that JDBC feeder is storing, is it a session (most likely) or a global var ? And how these values are stored ?
Sorry if my question is kinda noobie
Thank you for instructing me.

Hi @trinp,

Not sure to understand your question or which is the question here.

In one hand, you wrote about JDBC feeder. As any feeder in gatling, the purpose is to fill data in the user session, and the answer is session attributes with names corresponding to the matching SQL request columns.

For instance:

jdbcFeeder("databaseUrl", "username", "password", "SELECT id AS userId, firstname, lastname FROM users");

will store 3 session attributes in the session: userId, firstname and lastname.

In the other hand, you asked for the storage location of these values, ie an implementation details that will lie in the code of Gatling.

Does that answer your initial question?


Hi @sbrevet , let’s say I have a simple select query that will return a 2 rows and 4 columns table, my question is that where are these value stored so that I can perform the action on?
You have said that UserId, firstName and lastName, so are these values store as a data block contains all values return ?
Thank you for reading.

As usual:
What did you try? What did you observe? What did you expect?

What is your use case (the englobing issue you are trying to solve)?

Hi @sbrevet , I just bring up the idea, will try to hit the code in to see what happen there.
What I am trying to do is to record JBDC reader into a csv file and then modify some data on this csv, pass it to another scenario on Gatling.

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