"ws(...).close" takes 60 seconds?

Hi All,

I have a simple scenario:


def openAndCloseWebsocket(authToken: String) = scenario(“Open and close a websocket connection”)
.exec (
ws(“acquire a websocket”)
.queryParam(“auth”, authToken)
ws(“Send msg”)
ws(“close the websocket”).close


The scenario works fine and passes, except for the fact that closing the websocket takes 60 seconds every time. In fact, if I remove the very last exec (i.e. don’t close the socket), the scenario ends much more quickly. Still, I prefer to close the socket once I’m done with it.

Is this a gatling bug, or am I doing something wrong?



I tried to reproduce against the echo sample from websocket.org but everything works just fine.
Could be something weird with your WebSocket server implementation.
Impossible to investigate without you providing a full actionable reproducer.