Can we use Charles logs same as HAR file to create Gatling simulation?

Hi all,

I have one iOS and Android application, which plays a video several times.
I can generate charles logs for playback happened, so can I use same charles logs as we use HAR file to create gatling simulation?


You can, but Charles is a proxy, and provide HAR files of his traffic, not the one sent by the client.
Typically, over HTTPS, you’ll see some extra CONNECT requests that you’ll have to remove manually.

Hi Stephane,

Thanks for the reply.
Can you provide more information on how I can use charles logs?
I am using Charles registered version. And performing some operation on my mobile device with taking charles logs.
I am able to store those logs as “*.chls” file. So in this case how can I use it as HAR file.


In charles select “File” “export session” and save as har file.

Then you can use the gatling recorder in har converter mode to generate a simulation.

Thanks Henrik.

That worked for me.