Archetype catalog for Gatling 2.0.1

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I am fairly new to Gatling, I used to run Engine.scala from Eclipse after I created a project in Eclipse from an archetype catalog available at

Is there a similar one available for latest Gatling? How do I go about creating a eclipse project to run Gatling simulations?

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I meant the latest Gatling version which is 2.0.1.

There is no maven archetype for 2.0.1. At least not that I am aware of.

See if you can modify 2.0 pom to include sonatype repository and change gatling 2.0 dependencies to 2.0.1.

sonatype Sonatype OSS never true

I think archetype only has 2.0.0-M3a. I already create a new project from that then modify the pom file. You also need to update engine.scala, add props.disableCompiler.

Doc was missing until today’s release:

will this xml get updated?

This won’t be updated, as we now publish all our artifacts to Maven Central, which mean you no longer need to use the previous archetype catalog (
Please consult the documentation Stéphane linked to use the archetype.



alright. I will update my eclipse to match the doc. Thanks

Thanks a lot, it is working now. I had issues with Scala and Java, now it is resolved.

In Maven central gatling archetype for 2.0.2 does not show up. At work, we are behind firewall and our mirror search for it in maven central couldn’t find it.

Here is the link to maven central search.

Can you give me archetype link?


Even we have often released all projects at once, it is not needed, unless there are bugfixes or breaking changes that requires a release.
This mean that for bugfixes releases, such as 2.0.1, 2.0.2 and the likes, we don’t release plugins/extensions unless necessary.
So if you don’t see a version 2.0.2 of the archetype, this means that it’s fine to use the 2.0.0 version.

Should some extensions/plugins be released because of a bugfix, we will mention it in the announcement.



And if you do want to use 2.0.2, just update galting version number in pom file and update the project. We are using 2.0.0 archetype and 2.0.2 in pom, it works fine.