Blog | MythBusters: Dispelling 4 Gatling Misconceptions

Hey Gatling Community!

Quick test: find the thing these three quotes have in common. :eyes:

1 “Gatling requires Scala. I don’t know Scala, I can’t use Gatling. :face_with_monocle:”.
2 “Gatling has poorly managed memory utilization. :confused:”.
3 “Learning Gatling looks hard. :triumph:

I’m sure you know this already but just in case I’ll tell you, they’re all wrong. :no_entry:

In his new blog post, Pete debunks 4 Gatling Myths, addressing where they’re coming from and the truth behind them.

Get the facts!
:point_right: The truth about 4 common beliefs about Gatling and Gatling Enterprise

Dispelling 4 Gatling Myths

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