🗞️ Gat. Community recap #2 🗞️

Imagine a place where you could ask your Gatling questions, step up your testing game and discuss with the Gatling crew all at once. Oh wait, you’re already a Gatling Community member aren’t you? :smirk: Then, let’s make sure you didn’t miss any key topic from the past two months!

:one:Gatling allows you to run tests involving huge datasets. Learn how to optimize your Gatling script so that it reduces the impact on the JVM’s memory usage.
:newspaper: Gatling scala script causing heap memory issue with huge data processing - Gatling (Open-Source) - Gatling

:two:Update to our latest versions to enjoy all of Gatling DSLs’ upgrades! Make sure to reach out if you need help during the process.
:newspaper: Upgrade to Gatling 3.7 - unnamed module issue - #3 by mrukavina - Gatling (Open-Source) - Gatling

:three: Test your mTLS-authenticated user journey with Gatling through the “perUserKeyManageFactory” and make sure your HTTP is smoother than ever!
:newspaper: Is gatling provide support for multiple certs in keyStore? - Gatling (Open-Source) - Gatling

And what would a Community be without users? Special mention to our top contributors:

Just like them, become a first-rate load tester by joining the Gatling Community for daily load testing content! :handshake: