call sequence in chrome versus generated scala code

Thus far when I have generated scala code from a har file the sequence of requests have made sense, making the generated code a really good template for test code. Today I was doing some fairly routine work, my network tab in chrome was reporting things out as I expected in whats for my company a very common use case. When I generated my Scala code things got really weird. Instead of my main get having a bunch of resource calls as normal I am seeing that something that is a resource being the first get and everything else is a resource, including what should be the primary call. Not sure what to make of this. Is it a possible indicator of an issue with my site? Maybe just an oddity in how the code is generated? Anyone ever see something like this before? Not sure if I should just make the code follow the sequence I expect or if there are things I should investigate. Any opinions or ideas on the matter would be greatly appreciated

Impossible to tell without having your HAR and details on what you expect.