Cannot run simulations except locally

I’ve set up a project following examples included here and on the example project repos. Due to my orgs security constraints I can only currently use Gatling version 3.5.1 and therefore have to write the code in Scala.


I’m facing a few issues which I’ll number to help with any replies

(1) I can run the tests from maven and it completes and writes up the report successfully, but it can only access local URLs. E.g. http://localhost:8000 will return a success but or will timeout.

(2) I cannot debug using my IDE as the debugger when attached to the maven run doesn’t register the breakpoints in the scala code, and
(3) when run from the engine class the code returns an error

15:23:24.741 [main] INFO i.g.c.config.GatlingConfiguration$ - Gatling will try to use ‘gatling.conf’ as custom config file.
15:23:25.646 [] INFO akka.event.slf4j.Slf4jLogger - Slf4jLogger started
15:23:26.227 [main] DEBUG i.n.u.i.l.InternalLoggerFactory - Using SLF4J as the default logging framework
15:23:26.247 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent0 - -Dio.netty.noUnsafe: false
15:23:26.248 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent0 - Java version: 11
15:23:26.249 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent0 - sun.misc.Unsafe.theUnsafe: available
15:23:26.250 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent0 - sun.misc.Unsafe.copyMemory: available
15:23:26.250 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent0 - java.nio.Buffer.address: available
15:23:26.251 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent0 - direct buffer constructor: unavailable: Reflective setAccessible(true) disabled
15:23:26.251 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent0 - java.nio.Bits.unaligned: available, true
15:23:26.252 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent0 - jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe.allocateUninitializedArray(int): unavailable: class io.netty.util.internal.PlatformDependent0$6 cannot access class jdk.internal.misc.Unsafe (in module java.base) because module java.base does not export jdk.internal.misc to unnamed module @4082ba93
15:23:26.253 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent0 - java.nio.DirectByteBuffer.(long, int): unavailable
15:23:26.253 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent - sun.misc.Unsafe: available
15:23:26.272 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent - maxDirectMemory: 4294967296 bytes (maybe)
15:23:26.272 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent - -Dio.netty.tmpdir: /var/folders/30/swlvvlnn39bgpr1wydth71gr0000gq/T (
15:23:26.272 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent - -Dio.netty.bitMode: 64 (
15:23:26.272 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent - Platform: MacOS
15:23:26.273 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent - -Dio.netty.maxDirectMemory: -1 bytes
15:23:26.273 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent - -Dio.netty.uninitializedArrayAllocationThreshold: -1
15:23:26.274 [main] DEBUG io.netty.util.internal.CleanerJava9 - java.nio.ByteBuffer.cleaner(): available
15:23:26.274 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent - -Dio.netty.noPreferDirect: false
15:23:26.282 [main] DEBUG i.n.c.MultithreadEventLoopGroup - -Dio.netty.eventLoopThreads: 20
15:23:26.292 [main] DEBUG i.n.u.i.InternalThreadLocalMap - -Dio.netty.threadLocalMap.stringBuilder.initialSize: 1024
15:23:26.292 [main] DEBUG i.n.u.i.InternalThreadLocalMap - -Dio.netty.threadLocalMap.stringBuilder.maxSize: 4096
15:23:26.296 [main] DEBUG - -Dio.netty.noKeySetOptimization: false
15:23:26.296 [main] DEBUG - -Dio.netty.selectorAutoRebuildThreshold: 512
15:23:26.301 [main] DEBUG i.n.util.internal.PlatformDependent - org.jctools-core.MpscChunkedArrayQueue: available
There is no simulation script. Please check that your scripts are in user-files/simulations

Again, this does not happen when running from maven, likely as I specify the simulation to run.
Any help with any would be greatly appreciated but the most pressing is being able to work with remote sites rather than purely local testing.

Thanks in advance!

Due to my orgs security constraints I can only currently use Gatling version 3.5.1 and therefore have to write the code in Scala.

So due to security constraints, you can’t want to pick bug fixes and new features?
Or are you an outsourced contractor and don’t feel like reaching out to the customer and negotiating to upgrade?

  1. You’re most likely running in a corporate network and need to add a proxy configuration to connect to internet servers.
  2. No, break points will never work in async architectures
  3. No idea. If you clone the official demo project and run it as is, you’ll see that it works. Try to figure out what you’ve broken.

You were exactly right it was the corporate network, thank you very much!