combining protocols


some of our application is not built using a proper http request\response but instead (for some of the operations)
we send an http request to perform a certain action and if data is changed that needs to be reflected on the client, the
backend application notify the client using a push message (we use pubnub for it).

it means that when defining the scenarios, we want to send a post request and wait for a push message (with a given topic name) on a pubnub channel.

any information would be welcomed



PubNub seems to be closed source, so I don’t expect you’ll easily find any help, you’re probably on your own.

Either reverse engineer PubSub’s protocol (assuming you’re allowed to, as a customer) so you can figure out the transport protocol (HTTP polling, websockets?) and the payloads, or implement your own Gatling protocol support on top of their Java SDK.
Regarding the latter, no, there isn’t any doc, there isn’t a public API. You’ll have to read the code (or possibly get some professional services help).


thats too bad :frowning:
thanks for your reply Stéphane

thats too bad :frowning:

You could turn it the other way: ask the PubNub vendor to provide Gatling
scripts/support for their technology.
Vendors are more and more pressed to demo/prove their technology's
performance, so such demand would completely make sense.


*Stéphane Landelle*
*GatlingCorp CEO*