configuring which percentile bands you're interested in?


Usually when I open a gatling report the first thing I do is turn off display of most of the percentiles, usually leaving just 50 and 99th percentile active. Additionally, I’m finding it hard to read the graph because the colour bands are bleeding into each other and want some more contrast. Is that possible to do from the gatling.conf file? If not already, would there be interest in a patch to enable this? I may be able to spend a little time trying to make it happen. (I’d welcome hints as I have no idea where to start.)


Hello Stig,

Currently, neither the computed percentiles nor the color set can be configured.

Color set:

Regarding configuring the percentiles, I guess this can be done. Just beware that 2.2 is going under major internal refactoring and that configuration has to be implicitly passed all the way down (we dropped GatlingConfiguration.configuration mutable placeholder for testability reasons).

Regarding the color set, feel free to suggest a better one with more contrast.