Define message rate per secons (JMS)

Dear all,

I’m performing a load tests against IBM MQ and would like to have 10 msgs./users being submitted in 10 minutes (just a as a proof of concept).

I’m injecting the respective load like this

scn_message_ZIP_DP102.inject(rampUsers(10) over(10 minutes)).protocols(jmsConfigMQ1)


But when checking the logs I’m seeing the applicaiton is being flooded with messages. I’d expect to have just 10 messages being submitted in a timeframe of 10 minutes.

Thanks in advance


I think the answer to your question is in the definition of scenario.

Can you please put some light when you say "definition of scenario"

I think once a user is into the system, it will keep sending messages iteration after iteration till 10 minutes. You should consider using pace instead in your scenario.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Shashank, thanks for your input. Nothing fancy in my scenario:


val scnMessageID14 = scenario(“Load testing InboundQueue on MQ-HOST-1 with MessageID14”).during(48 hours) {
exec(jms(“F&F testing with MessageID 14”).send


the JMS messages are just plain hex-strings to be consumed of the application.

Thanks, ankit. I know there’s a pause-function in the DSL

but actually I don’t want to simulate some kind of pauses but rather have a constant amount of messages per time-unit (secs./minutes etc.)