Do we need to setup ssl proxy in the browser for recording https


I am using Gatling 2.0 and Firefox 32. I had some difficulty to record an E-commence application. I set the http proxy as localhost and an unused port and was able to record the http part without any problem. When I also set SSL proxy with localhost and the unused port, I got the error like “An established connection was aborted by your host machine”. If I bland out the SSL proxy setting in the browser, I only get the following for the process order

// 13_Process_Order
.post(uri20 + “”"/""")

The file “MXNoContract_request_0058.txt” is not a text file, it is SSL encoded file and it not readable.

The question here is what is the correct setting in the browser for recording https. what setting to put for SSL proxy row? Any input for the Socket Host row also? Thank you.


Sorry, I’m not sure I get it right.
In Gatling Recorder, there’s 2 sets of host/port:

  • One host+port set use by the recorder. Same port is used for HTTP and HTTPS (port unification)
  • One host+regular port+secured port set for telling the Recorder proxy to also connect through another proxy itself. This is mostly used when behind a reverse proxy, or for debugging (plugging something like Charles)
    Which set did you you?

Is there any way you could provide a reproducer?
Which version of Gatling do you use exactly? Gatling 2.0 isn’t out yet, we’re still in release candidate phase and latest one is RC5.



Thank Stephane for your quick reply.

I used Gatling from this zip file After I setup localhost / 8068 for HTTP proxy and SSL Proxy in my local broswer to match the HTTP/HTTPS setup in Gatling recorder, it seems that I can only record the http part, not the secure http. The recording hangs at the point when the website shift from http part to https part. The error message from the cmd console is Connection refused; no further information: localhost/

I read in the documentation "- If the browser has already registered a validated certificate for this domain, the browser will detect Gatling as a security breach (well, that’s what man-in-the-middle softwares are usually about) and will refuse to load the page. If so, you have to remove the trusted certificate from you your browser’s keystore. "

How can I remove the trusted certificate from you your browser’s keystore. Is there any setting needed to be done on the sever side? Hopefully no, otherwise it can’t be moved forward. Thank you.

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Could you share the url of your application, please?
You were mentioning an e-shop, so it must be public, right?