Gatling recorder trying to record with Firefox and proxy settings

I have followed the documentation and set up Firefox to use a proxy as stated in there…
Then I start the recorder and navigate to, but I get "could not find proxy → check your proxy settings …

My proxy settings are similar to the ones in the documentation and the recorder is in ‘run’ state. I have also emptied the cache ++

I have tried different web-pages and those without https (it seems works fine), but i.e. google with https does not work as I have described.

Do I need to install certificates to make this work? Do I need to state some additional info with regards to https?

Please advice.

In general, your problem will be either a misconfiguration or a network problem.

Double-check to make sure that what you configured in Firefox is the same as what the running recorder is listening to. If you can absolutely confirm that they are a match, make sure you can connect via telnet or wget (or curl). If you can not, make sure you don’t have a firewall blocking the requests.

I think google is now https only and for that you have to install security certification.

For https, I feel using har is easier.