Errors when gatling is run (installed from Debian package).

I’ve installed the package (available at, but when I run the gatling command, I get the following unhelpful error message.

$ gatling
GATLING_HOME is set to /usr/share/gatling
Error: Unknown argument ‘-cf’
Error: Unknown argument ‘~/.gatling/conf/gatling.conf’

Following that are usage notes. Also, in the local directory there’s now a directory named ~ (tilde), which contains the following.

$ find ~

Any clues on how to get this running (besides waiting for bug fixes)?

Hi Mickael,

Could you use the other bundles until we get this fixed?


The tarballs? Sure!

For now, we’ll stop distributing this deb.
We broke it accidentally because we remove the ability to customize conf location, and didn’t realize because we don’t use (and test) this deb.
Basically, it lacks someone to maintain it.

If anyone’s really interested in it, please discuss it in the issue:

By the way, I’m up and running with the alternative distribution. Thanks!