Passing conf folder as a command line parameter to / gatling.bat

Hello all !

I would like to know if it is possible to passing conf folder as a command line parameter to / gatling.bat ?

The aim is to separate the runtime (gatling bundle) from our specifics : gatling.conf and logback.xml are in our source repository, and I found no other way to use them when running gatling.bat / other than copying and pasting them to $GATLING_HOME/conf.

I can do it when running with maven but running with maven doesn’t seem like a good solution deployment wise (when gatling is on a remote machine, for example)

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance,


Thank you for this answer ! So I can set GATLING_CONF and it will not be overriden by

But I believe this won’t work with gatling.bat :

So of course I can adapt gatling.bat but I’d rather not…

Good opportunity to contribute :slight_smile:

Fair enough :slight_smile:

Actually it’s just a matter of replacing line 41 in gatling.bat :

line 41 — : set GATLING_CONF="%GATLING_HOME%"\conf
line 41 +++ : if not defined GATLING_CONF set GATLING_CONF="%GATLING_HOME%"\conf

Then we will have exactly the same behavior as in, where GATLING_CONF is set only if it is not already set.

I can file a pull request if that’s better for you.