flattenMapIntoAttributes - deprecated

Hi Community!

I am trying to upgrade Gatling from 3.7 to a newer version, but I saw that flattenMapIntoAttributes will be deprecated:
@deprecated(“Will be removed in a future release. Please use Gatling EL Map key access.”, “3.7.0”)

How do I change the following code?

val records: Seq[Record[Any]] = csv(“./path/to/the/file/file.csv”).readRecords

private val something: ScenarioBuilder = scenario(“scenario”)
.foreach(records, “records”) {
repeat(some_value, “counterName”) {

Any examples on how change it using Gatling EL Map key?

Assuming “records” (which should be “record”, BTW) contains “foo” and a “bar” keys, you would do “#{records.foo}” and “#{records.bar}”.

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