FormParam using java.util.UUID.randomUUID.toString?

I am using UUID to generate an ID:

object UuidFeeder {
val feeder = Iterator.continually(Map(“uuid” → java.util.UUID.randomUUID.toString()))

then feed this ID as part of a formparam:

.formParam(“Data”, “”",“Sex”:“Male”,“MaritalStatus”:“Unknown”,{“Guid”, “${uuid}”}),

however the entity is being created, but without any data, as if the above breaks the parameter to get this set.

Any ideas of why that would be the case, am I setting this incorrectly?
Thanks in advance

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Are you sure about your formData?
This doesn’t look to me like form-url-encoded content but JSON instead.
Shouldn’t you be directly sending a POST with a request body and a JSON content-type?

Hi Lucy,

I’ve used UUID as you are using it. I think maybe you should send that JSON with the .body function instead of formParams (as Stephan said before).
I usually send JSON bodies with ElFileBody, like this:

In the sample-file.json you can locate that JSON you are trying to send, like this:
{ “Data”, “”",“Sex”:“Male”,“MaritalStatus”:“Unknown”,{“Guid”, “${uuid}”}}

I hope it helps, in case you can send something different than formParams.