Gatling 2.0 hide unwanted simulation steps

Hi everybody.

Can anyone tell me, do we have an opportunity to run specific steps within the simulation but do not show them in the results?

Like on the screenshot, the simulation consists of 3 calls, and I want to have the results output only for one of them.


Could you open a feature request on Github, please?

I’ll try to. So we do not have such an option for now?

Nope. The only way is to filter the line in the simulation.log and re-generate reports with -ro option.

I hope I did it right. :slight_smile:

I was actually already considering such a feature. This won’t be in 2M4 though.

That would be awesome to be able to make calls to prepare some test data using Galting and don’t have those calls in the report.

Currently we have to use some other tools and workarounds for this.


By the way, could you please tell when 2m4 might be available?