Problem to find Gatling report with Jenkins Plugin


Since yesterday i’ve tried lots of things but the plugin is unable to find report.
All jobs end with this warn :

ERROR: Publisher com.excilys.ebi.gatling.jenkins.GatlingPublisher aborted due to exception
[java.lang.IllegalArgumentException]( Could not find a Gatling report, exiting.

My job contain the first part as mentionned in the documentation to tell the plugin what to search.
I've check that the result were in the right place, all seems ok.

Any idea on what happened ?

Thanks by advance.


Do you clean the results folder between builds ?
It’s in target, so a mvn clean should do the trick.

The Jenkins plugin expects to find exactly one Gatling report in the results folder, if there’s more than on you will get this exception.
There’s a fix on master to get error messages a little bit more specific if a report can’t be found, but it hasn’t been released yet.

finally the problem was the prefix for the directory.

Our job is fully parameterized, the user can choose the targeted platform, the simulation to run and many other parameters like ramp or iterations.

The gatling maven plugin was configured to generate a directory that concat two environment variables like this ${platform}_${simulation}.
The result of this concat was something like this IA_IT2Simulation.

In the target/gatling/results i got a directory IA_IT2Simulation-[timestamp] and the plugin jenkins was unable to find it, why ?

By changing the with something like this → testpluginjenkins, the plugin works fine and found the testpluginjenkins-[timestamps] directory.


I think we’ll end up ignoring the outputDirectoryBaseName when trying to locate the file and simply search /**/simulation-*.log

@Pierre, WDYT?

Good idea.
It will also simplify Jenkins plugin usage, since the “output directory prefix” configuration seems to be the plugin’s primary source of trouble.