precompiled standalone runnable artefact with simulations

Hi all,

Over a year ago in the thread “Gatling simulations packed in a jar with dependencies” there was some discussion regarding generating a jar that had everything precompiled and could be run standalone. We would like to have this kind of repeatable approach “build once, run everywhere” with our load tests.

The mentioned discussion gave the impression that some work was underway to enable it, of which I could not find traces, and the gatling.conf options gatling.core.simulationClass and gatling.core.disableCompiler do hint to that possibility.

Looking at the bundle structure I decided to try

  • putting all compiled classes under /classes

  • change gatling.conf to

  • have gatling.core.simulationClass point to the FQCN of our simulation

  • disableCompiler=true

  • point to /classes- optionally add the /classes folder to the classpath in the script.

…but I still get a Exception in thread “main” java.lang.ClassNotFoundException for my simulation.

Is this possible?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Best regards,