Running simulation from prebuilt binary

Gatling version: 3.11.3 (must be up to date)
Gatling flavor: java kotlin scala
Gatling build tool: maven gradle sbt bundle

In a different topic I got an “official” mention :slight_smile: that :

The supported launchers are:

  • our maven, gradle and sbt plugins. The new bundle will boil down to launching ./mvnw gatling:test with prefetched maven binaries and Gatling dependencies.
  • the helpers we provide for launching from your IDE. This is where you got the inspiration for your custom main function but using it for something else is not guaranteed to work.
  • Gatling Enterprise

We can’t help with custom deployments, sorry.

In our setup, we compile the code on machines that have access to the source code, but we want to run the simulation on separate machines. As far as I can tell, the Maven plugin eventually runs the simulation from the jar compiled in target/my-simulation-1.0.jar.

I’m using the latest version of the bundle (based on Maven wrapper) but I can’t figure out how to skip the part where it tries to compile the code.

Thanks a lot!


I’m afraid this is not a supported usage.
The bundle is intended for human users sitting in corporate networks without knowledge of how to configure internet access on a build tool such as maven.

Note: distributing Gatling test binaries on remote machines is covered in Gatling Enterprise.

Do you mean this in a “legal” way (i.e. we are not allowed to do this under the open source license), or merely from a support way (i.e. you only offer support for this to paying Enterprise customers)?

Because I’m not sure I understand the fundamental difference between running a Maven job that uses the Gatling plugin on a remote machine vs. running the bundle on a remote machine :thinking:

In a support way.
You’re free to build something on your own but you can’t get help here, in particular as you’re trying to achieve a feature available in our Enterprise offering.

What I’m trying to say regarding the bundle is that you were using it in a way that didn’t fall in its intended scope and that we can’t help with the new version not working for your usage.

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