Gatling assertions on groups

Hi there,

I have a simulation setUp which is made of 2 parts:

The first part creates data that will be consumed, and thus I dont want to put assertions on this first part.

What is the best way to do it ?

I thought about groups (I dont know what groups are useful for) and I think about using assertions(details(mygroup)…) as explained in the documentation.
But something calls out on me: when assertion(details) is used, are the statistics calculated for from all requests or for each individual request ? The documentation says :

  • global: use statistics calculated from all requests.
  • forAll: use statistics calculated for each individual request.
  • details(path): use statistics calculated from a group or a request. The path is defined like a Unix filesystem path.
    In my opinion, using details should not exlude the possibility to either chose to aggregate all statistics or to calculate them for each request.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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