Gatling Conf out of date


we have a log parser to parse gatling log and get the stats we want out of gatling data reader. this is how we do it (in Java):

GatlingPropertiesBuilder props = new GatlingPropertiesBuilder();

dataReader = new FileDataReader("");

but after upgrade to Gatling 2.0.1, we always got this error when executing it:

14:39:00.781 [main] ERROR i.g.c.config.GatlingConfiguration$ - Your gatling.conf file is outdated, some properties have been renamed or removed.
Please update (check gatling.conf in Gatling bundle, or gatling-default.conf in gatling-core jar).
Enabled obsolete properties:
‘gatling.http.ahc.connectionTimeout’ was renamed into gatling.http.ahc.connectTimeout.
Parsing log file(s)…

I checked the gatling-core.jar, it is version 2.0.1 and the gatling-default.conf has the correct property name: connectTimeout. Do you know anywhere else may have the old property settings? I did a search but could not locate anything. Everything in our maven is using version 2.0.1 and I have verified maven dependencies they look good.

any ideas will be helpful.


You must have somewhere (probably in src/test/resources) a gatling.conf with the old name.



it was under src/main/resouces. Thanks for the catch.