[Gatling RequestTimeout] Cannot override values on gatling.conf in maven project

Hello Everyone,

I am a beginner to Gatling. I am trying to edit the default values for request timeout on the gatling.conf file in my maven project but the changes are not taking place.

Gatling version used - 3.3.0

I have a Get Request where I need to wait for more than the default 60 seconds to capture the performance times.
scn.inject (atonceusers(10)

.  Please advise. 

Let people help you: provide details about what you’ve done precisely so one can figure out what you’ve done wrong.

Thanks for your reply,
I uncommented below on the gatling.conf as below -

ahc {
connectTimeout = 300000
handshakeTimeout = 300000
requestTimeout = 300000

data is setup in a csv file
simulation -

the requirement is to wait until 5 mins before timing out. Even after making the changes to gatling.conf the script ends at 1 min. am I missing something?, please let me know.

Aleem M
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