Gatling Forum - Is this still active forum or archived

Gatling Forum - Is this still active forum or archived ?

No one is replying from long time for the queries I raised so asking if this is still best place to discuss about gatling stuff like meter forum who respond promptly ?

Well, I would love people who use open source software to contribute back more, for sure.

Regarding us from GatlingCorp, we’re swamped and also Gatling is our means of making a living, so we seldom answer here (mostly do so for bug reports).
If you feel like you need fast answers and don’t get what you need from community, you can consider contracting with us and get some mentoring or training.


Hi Stephane,
I need to know if there is a way to put the result of check directly in .body in the same Hit
please check the image


Hi Stephane,

I would love to contribute on Gatling stuff so please feel free to assign me work and will love to contribute more on Gatling ?

I have used lots of commercial load test tool like roadrunner, silk performer, Visual studio, Neoload and also used open source tool Jmeter heavily.

Recently started using Gatling for my current assignment and my concepts are clear for load performance tests so picking this skill and enjoying my learning gatling and sorry if I am raising loads of unnecessary questions.