Gatling Influxdb Status Issue

Hi !

Using graphite option in Gatling.conf (3.3.1) to send metrics to influxdb

In my scripts i use chain :

def Get_ID_Code() : ChainBuilder = group(“StepLogin”)

{ exec( …}

But when executed the scripts , in influxdb i found in column “Status” not OK or KO but the name of the Groupe for each Http request

Only the “allrequests” have : Ok, Ko or All

So All the Individuals Requests analysis are not possible in Grafana

I don’t know why or if i missing something from configuration file

data {
writers = [console, file, graphite] # The list of DataWriters to which Gatling write simulation data (currently supported : console, file, graphite, jdbc)
console {
#light = true # When set to true, displays a light version without detailed request stats
#writePeriod = 5 # Write interval, in seconds
file {
#bufferSize = 8192 # FileDataWriter’s internal data buffer size, in bytes
leak {
#noActivityTimeout = 30 # Period, in seconds, for which Gatling may have no activity before considering a leak may be happening
graphite {
light = false # only send the all* stats
host = “localhost” # The host where the Carbon server is located
port = 2003 # The port to which the Carbon server listens to (2003 is default for plaintext, 2004 is default for pickle)
protocol = “tcp” # The protocol used to send data to Carbon (currently supported : “tcp”, “udp”)
rootPathPrefix = “gatling” # The common prefix of all metrics sent to Graphite
bufferSize = 8192 # Internal data buffer size, in bytes
writePeriod = 1 # Write period, in seconds

Thanks in advance for your help