Gatling jenkins hanging with active users.

__gatling:test -Dgatling.simulationClass=*** -Dusers=70 -Dduration=100 -DbaseURL=***__

**It keeps running with the active users even though there is no active requests when I check the application logs**

**Version in use:**


Could you please provide an actionable reproducer?
I’m afraid we can’t do much without one.


Hi Stephane,

Thank you for the quick reply, what do you mean by actionable reproducer? are you asking for the simulation?


I’m asking for a simulation that I can run and that would let me reproduce your issue.

Typically NOT a simulation with anonymized urls, or something that’s supposed to hit an application in your private network that I can’t reach.
If it contains private information, you can DM me.



any suggestion how to resolve it ?

We are now facing the same problem.

Scenario is hanging in “endless loop”.

How scenario looks like:

exec(http GET1)
.exec(http GET 2)
.exec(http GET 3)

In our case http GET1 failed