Gatling introduces a gRPC plugin for load testing

:rocket: Exciting News for Load Testing Enthusiasts! :rocket:

We’re thrilled to share that Gatling has just introduced a groundbreaking plugin to support gRPC for load testing! :globe_with_meridians::sparkles:

If you’re into performance testing and optimizing your applications’ scalability, this is a game-changer. Check out the insightful blog post to dive deep into the details of Gatling’s new gRPC plugin and how it can elevate your load testing capabilities.

:point_right: Read our blog post: Gatling introduces a gRPC plugin for load testing

Did you know that industry leaders like Google, Netflix, and Square are already leveraging the power of gRPC? It’s not just a protocol; it’s a proven solution embraced by some of the biggest players in the tech world.

Kudos to the Gatling team for pushing the boundaries and empowering development teams with powerful tools! :raised_hands: Let’s stay at the forefront of load testing together.


Congratulations on releasing new plugin! Very happy to be relieved of the maintenance burden of the community plugin.

The primary differences are that we wanted to … support Java and Kotlin

A correction on the blogpost: I had released the Kotlin/Java binding for my plugin.

Hi George, just wanted to let you know the person in charge of the blog is informed and will fix this. Sorry about that!

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