gatling-maven plugin - Accessing Plugin Configurations Set in POM.xml Within Simulation Scala files

Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to Scala and Gatling but I have come across a problem that I can’t seem to figure out after searching the documentation and this group.

This is specific to the gatling-maven plugin (version 2.2.4).

In the pom.xml file, I am running different profiles and setting options for the gatling-maven plugin to override the default location of the dataFolder in specific instances.






My goal, is to be able to access the data contained within the configuration within the given Simulation file.

How can I access these variables in my Simulation Scala files? I know there are ways to get the gatling.conf vars and application.conf (if one exists) vars, but I’m speaking specifically about configuration changes outlined in the pom.xml?

Hi Justin,

I have a derived class ConfigurableSimulation to access that data

import io.gatling.core.config.GatlingConfiguration

abstract class ConfigurableSimulation(implicit configuration: GatlingConfiguration) extends Simulation {
val dataDirectory = new File(
val resultDirectory = new File(